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Wear surface dressing requires dosing quality, especially a highly accurate transverse spraying variable coefficient. This is why a reliable spraying system guaranteeing the best working conditions must be provided in addition to high performance regulation.

Operating parameters:


-The dosage is programmed from the cabin on the on-board computer.

-The vehicle speed is captured using a hyper frequency radar.

-The working width or, in other words, the number of open jets, is selected by the operator from the cabin.

-All the data is permanently monitored to correct the pump flow in real time.

-The bar design itself determines the quality of the result

-100 mm spacing

-Mechanical or telescopic extension spreader bar 

Spreading width

Bar type

Binder capacity


4,50 m and 5,00 m

Pneumatic with clips or telescopic

7000 to 16000 L

direct heating

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